Kuchisake-Onna is a Japanese legend about a woman who kills children after school during the afternoon, she will ask a child if they think she's pretty. Method of attacks: Okay so we know that she approaches a child afternoon after school right? Well... She will approach you and ask, "Am I Pretty". You will have two choices, Yes or No. In the chances of surviving her is 50% on depending on what you say. What she does when you say Yes or No: Okay so we have the basics cleared up so now I'll be showing you what happeneds if you say Yes or No. Saying yes will allow her to pull down her mask, which will reveal her mouth slit open from ear to ear kinda like Jeff The Killer but nobody wants to know bout Jeff rn if there reading this u-u. After she shows you her slit mouth she will then ask you, "Am I Pretty Now?". This will have to leave you with a yes or no answer again. Either way you will die because you said no. If you end up saying No to her, she will end up cutting your mouth like hers so either way you will die. How to escape her when you come among the woman: you could confuse her by saying yes no yes no, you can say your average, or you can throw candy at her but she usually prefers a certain hard type of candy. What she looks like: She has a medical mask, A trench coat usually in the color brown or red to match the her victims blood so then you cant tell. She's sometimes known for having an umbrella with her that she uses to fly away like mary poppins u-u but I personally don't think that's what she looks like. She always has her scissors with her to attack her victims. Fun fact about me: I dressed up as her for HaLlOwEeN before uwu

Story is told by Egyptgachacat_isback