The night was drawing to an end. Jamie was having a great time; it was the first time she had been out since the accident. She was healed now just a few scars still to show on the surface. It had been close to a year; the night of SR prom, her friends had been drinking that night. She pleaded with them to just call an Uber cab. They all said they were fine, it was only a couple of drinks. They made it almost to the after party when another drunk driver hit them swerving into their lane. She was the only survivor. She rarely left the house itself  since she got home from the hospital. But tonight was the memorial for her friends and she was going against parental orders. After all She was old enough to take care of herself now, or so she thought. Her current best friend May was walking with her to the house for the memorial; it was ironically fitting that it should take place at the party house. Everyone was nice to her through the service, they all shared in her loss. It was getting late and she headed outside. May ran to catch up to Jamie so she wouldn't be alone. As she was crossing the street Jamie saw it. Her boyfriend's car and their friends flying down the road right for her. She turned and screamed as the second car that had killed her friends was so close from the other side. As the two cars crashed going right through her, she could hear her boyfriend"I missed you baby" her body collapsing to the pavement below. May runs to her, she never saw a thing, only Jamie turning in the street crying out and dying in the same spot she lost her friends. Being the owner of the house I can tell you I use to see a ghostly apparition of a car with 3 kids going down the road; but tonight from my front porch I just saw that same car and now there are 4

Story is told by J.Foxioto