I'm an old lady now, my kids and grandkids are all grown; Some have even passed on themselves. Next week I turn 99. I haven't done much these last couple years. The great grandkids put me in this home 2 years ago. I guess they didn't think I was all there anymore. You see I have seen ghost since I was a kid. It started when my grandma passed. She came to see me to say goodbye. Then there was the kid on the bike hit by a lightning bolt, and my dear husband Brent after he passed of a heart attack. These ghostly experiences never bothered me before; as of 2 years ago they started getting annoying. Everywhere I turn in this place there is another one asking me how to get out and go home. That's why I never leave my room. The one in my room is ok. Her name is Ruth she passed in the early 90s so she has been here a while. We talk about our past and our families. She was still a young thing when she passed though, she was here because she got sick and her family didn't have the means to take care of her. And they stopped showing up to see her so she gave up And passed while still in the comma. She remembers it all though. I wonder if I will be as aware when I pass. Well it's my birthday and everyone is making a big deal about this. I guess 99 is a good year. the dinning hall is filled with what's left of my family and residents with Care staff. I tell Ruth I won't be long. I have to make an appearance for my fans. I struggle to stand with my Walker and make my way down the hallway surrounded by those who have passed. So many confused,lonely, and sad. I just keep my eyes in front of me and keep moving. I ignore their cries. Everyone cheers as I make it to the table and sit down. Hey that's a long walk at my age, you think we can shorten the halls for my trip back? Every one laughs. Then the staff brings out a cake​ big enough to feed two armies. I start looking around. Who you looking for grams? My 7 year old great great granddaughter. I say the fire Marshall, there's no way we can have a blaze this big indoors without him here. Again I get laughs. I feel a tingling at my neck, my Brent is here. I can't see him because he passed over to the other side, he's not stuck here like so many. My eyes start to tear knowing he is with me. I struggle to my feet to try and blow out the forest fire on my cake. I feel like the big bad wolf huffing and puffing. I get everyone to help it's just too much for me. I fall back into my overstuffed chair they set up just for this occasion, and take a deep breath. I feel a nudge on my knee, pepper I cry what are you doing here? My old dog nudges my hand now for a pet. I start as a cat jumps on my lap, Fred? How can this be. Ghost Animals never come see me. Then I hear him for the first time in 30 years my husband. He steps around my chair takes my hand as Fred the ghost cat jumps off and rubs against my legs. I stand with no problems, my breathing is easy. Brent hold my hand forcing​  me to see the wrinkles are gone. He and I both are young  again. I am crying now but there are no tears to fall; but how I ask. He points to the chair. There I sit still old, frail, and surrounded by those who care trying to wake me back up. Brent hugs me, we came to bring you home. Happy birthday baby. We walk down the hall with ease as we pass my room cat and dog in tow, I yell for Ruth, come on dear it's time, you're coming home too. She smiles grabbing  peppers collar to help lead her over the bridge with us to the next adventure

Story is told by J.Foxioto