" Umm i don't think I was going to make this but i am... So let's start. So at that time i ws at home it was fine night then i get a text message saying that my " sister" was in a car accident and she will need to know where WE lived so i sent her: "Umm sis we live ______ at -----". So she comes home at midnight when i was about to go sleep. I said "are you okay sis" and she replied with nothing but all i saw the one part of her face that was not covered with bandages was a BIG BIG grain. I said it again saying "are you okay sis" and she said nothing but with again a BIG BIG grain. So i gave up because she started to creep me out so I went to sleep but when i wake up SHE WAS STARING AT ME WITH BIG BIG GRAIN!! So i would wake up and look outside the window. And what I saw still haunts my dreams... you been warned... So I looked out my window and i see "my sister" with dead bodies and EATING THEM. I was so shocked that i don't realize that she was staring at me. And was RUNING AT ME but when i did it she was in my room... and saying " i want to play " and " i want to see you grin and join me sis" but some how i survived it attack. So then the police got there but some how she escaped and was never seen again but i still think about what had happened to my real sister." I hoped you enjoyed, and this is fake... or is it....

Story is told by HORROR


This is cringe lol