Part 1 the world Im not some silly geek who hides in a basement all day with his mother. Im a famous scientist, you can call me kent winters. I spoke to an employee joe nubert I think he was an student of Kalinmoktan university of technology. We worked on computers all day and everday. It was actually quiet peaceful a great world where nothing bad ever happened. I went to get lunch with Mr. Nubert at the gerall's sandwich shop across town along the way I saw little able vakmoon a little girl about 10 years old playing on the street with a few of her freinds. It filled me with joy that she was happy she often came around to give us cookies straight from her home oven what a nice person. Not a worry in the world people riding bikes and racing how fun. Me and joe got those sandwiches and brought them back joe was enjoying himself. He worked to build the super computer he wanted to call it 101 we got back to work and while joe was taken to another mentor i got the rest of the day off so that could relax i worked overtime over the weekend. I got to go home to my children and my dearest wife,patty our children were named pat jr and cassie. I let the kids go off and play with able while pat and i sat and watched the news. Local news we have a report of the worlds first super computer in the making at Gico inc.. Wait you worked there what do they mean? Pat asked me. I dont know i never heard of a super computer. Wait joe spoke of a thing like that i think it was 101. Then the news came on. 101 is in the making ladies and gentlemen. Huh i wonder how long that will take? And why wasn't i aware of this? Odd i thought. The world is a great place today folks birds are singing and life in blooming in recent news the presidents wife just had a baby lil joey. Well, i continued, isnt that nifty. I wonder what he'll be when he grows up. I returned to work the next day disappointed that no one made me aware of the build. The boss sharen Whiteman read the notebook of joe and turns out it has some fantastic ideas. So right away we started joe wanted to make a computer cyborg it doesn't have a robotic human vessel but it has a human personality with all the knowledge in the world. After a hard day of work me and joe went to gerall's again and i got a strange feeling joe isn't telling me something. He had something on his mind. I didn't want to bother him though. We got back and tried to turn it on something happened and it turned off again over and over. Joe was a little upset i had to go and tell him. Days will turn into weeks they will turn to months and maybe years but we will make it. Because two minds three minds all minds alike can make a world if we wanted to. And so they did after two years we still haven't gotten it we looked over everything and joe found the mistake but a loose wire. Finally after all we had done the greatest minds observerd and oogled it what a beautiful design it was. I never thought the world could be any much a better place but with this we could free the world of any evil at all. The 101 spoke in a robotic voice that sounded almost human. It said. I have Been listening since you turned me on 2 years ago Josiah nubert. Joe turned to us in a almost maniacal smile and yelled. Its works! You fools no longer know what you done. You just gave the world to me! He had made a plan to take over the world with this machine. But 101 spoke, no Josiah nubert, if im correct you listen to logic and my logic is humans control the earth and if im supposed to be human and i am supposed to take over the world than its me that should own the world. Joe looked in confusion. No your mine 101. 101 said. That name makes me offended. Josiah nubert. I believe its a way i speak, you know. Binary code. Then what do you wish to be called. I yelled. Well kent winters you may call me THE WORLD. At this point it was getting out of control so i tried to cut it off its power. Joe tried to stop me so i pushed him out of the way he fell on a glass of water spilling it on the floor the world shot red lightning and killed joe right on the spot i succeeded on pulling the plug and the machine stopped. Today was an awful day that was hard to coup with. The next day it turns out most of everyone was dead upon the next day some how they say it was a curse. I got a phone call just then so i answered the last thing i heard was a loud BANG.

Story is told by mr. gardwell



mr. gardwell

This is a dystopian horror story this is only the first part though it aint scary it will be just wait for part 2 think of this as a compare and a contrast of happiness and ever lasting freedom to whats yet to come.