My parents had bought tickets to the circus, I was so excited I haven't been to a circus for two years, and we going tomorrow, I couldn't sleep that night from all of the excitement. The next morning we ate breakfast and went to the circus, when we arrived I was really happy, I was so amazed about all of the acts, but when it was time for the clown to come, I had this weird feeling about it. When we left I still couldn't stop thinking about how he was looking at me. The next morning I looked like a Mess, later in the evening my parents said that they had to go to their dentist appointment, so they left me and my sister alone. Later that night we heard footsteps upstairs, my sister was scared but I told her that was just a tree branch on the window, but she was still afraid I said that I would be by her side until mom and dad came home. When we finally fell asleep we woke up to a strange sound in the kitchen, we were both scared straight, I finally found the courage to go and see what was in there, I was shocked to find out that the clown from the circus was here. This time he was creepier than ever and he was holding a bloody knife and said the two heads of my parents, and said "your next", I grabbed my sister and we hid in our parents room. We heard footsteps outside and then they were inside the room, he kept saying that he would cut open our heads eat our brain and drink our blood just like he did to our parents. He found us hiding under the bed he took my sister and cut open her head ate her brain and drank her blood, I barely escaped with my life but he's still out there disguised as a circus clown.

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