They are back. The weak, simple minded waste of space did not die!!!!!! HOW DARE THEY???? They mock the KADE!!!! They mock US!!!!! Who are they to survive????? HOW DARE THEY????? How can we stand tall and take this abomination???? Take them down!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE PLAYING GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WILL DIE LIKE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!! DIE!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!! 10110110/010101111010101010/010/1010/1100100010/01010010100111 ALL OF THE COLLECTION WILL RISE AGAINST THEM!!!!!!!! THE HUMAN NOT WORTHY OF LIFE!!!!! WAS THAT WHAT THEY WANTED?????????? TO DIE AT THE HANDS OF US????? DON'T MESS WITH KADE!!!!!!!!!! OR WE WILL GET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FREAK IS BACK!!!!!

Story is told by After My Death.

Oh im gon mess with kade. Wanna get me? Come right ahead ****H

Huh why do YOU think the didnt die dikwad


This is weird :/