Emily and Kate were twins, and it was their birthday tomorrow so their parents invited their friends but they had to get them a present,they bought a barbie dream house for Emily and a doll for Kate, they loved their gifts (they were eight at that time). Two days after the birthday, Kate was starting to notice strange things happening,like when her mother told her to tidy her room before breakfast she did it and went downstairs to eat when she came back, the room was a MESS .But the doll stayed in her place, on the shelf above the bed. When she was asleep at night she would hear tapping on her window and footsteps beside her bed. When she woke up she would have scratches and cuts on her body. Then one day Emily had a plan to end her sister's torture. She brought a knife and cut off Kate's doll's head, then she went to her parent's room to tell them good news. Instead she found her mother on her bed crying, and to her surprise she found a pool of blood on the floor with her sister and her doll's head cut off BOTH OF THEM. Turns out that the doll was cursed when their parents bought it. And when Kate played with it, the doll somehow linked their souls together, that meant when Emily cut off the doll's head she cut off her sister's head as well. THE DOLL STILL Lives, IT'S OUT THERE WAITING FOR A SOUL TO FEED ON!

Story is told by mariameltrissi@gmail.com


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