Why do i live in an empire of hatred, When vampires burned at the stake, Why is it witches and worlocks, And ghouls of green, And vampires of halloween are normal, Being around me is suicide, Or did they say it would be a homicide, Eh you decide, Look at me in blood soaked clothes, Can you see im stressed, Wait scratch that, Im in distress, Some body help me, Can anyone hear me, Don't let me be, Even if i tell you to leave me alone, Im in hell, Im being tortured, Can you show me the door, Cause im just a broken toy, Is there someone to talk to, Please i want help, "Theres now help for you" they say, "You gonna cry" they ask, "You gonna die" they tell, Im walking through the forrest of evil, And i walk through the valley of death, But i say im being hunted by the wendigo, Better crazy then depressed right?, :end of song Note from lonewolf, Hi i am very bored and would like to talk to someone about animals video games cryptids (bigfoot mothman stuff like that) hunting fishing what ever idc but yeah just be nice to talk to people and get to know y'all more...idk this was just a freestyle song rap thingy but yeah would like to talk to people and get to know all y'all more...

Story is told by lonewolf


One word. F o o d