This is part 2 sorry, I've been a bit busy. So I was talking about a dream that I had and how clowns were in it. And the last part was that I woke up or thought I did. I thought I woke up, everything felt real, and I felt as if someone was hiding in my room, I felt whatever it was come closer and closer and sudden I felt a hand. That's when I woke up, I was scared, I thought I was losing my mind. One minute I was dream then the next I was in shocked. Was I still dreaming? Am I alive? What was that? Questions came in my head and orbited my head. I was scared, I felt useless, scared. From that day on all of my dream have involved an old cabin near some woods. Idk if it has something to do with this dream, or if it's just a coincidence. Till this day I haven't told anyone about it. (I know this isn't scary but it's just a dream and stuff that's happened. I want to know if anyone knows what it can mean.) If you have any request on some stories you want. I will gladly love to try and write it.

Story is told by Monica