Jase: why did you get me out of a mud pit with a helicopter am i that fat?! Jase's boss: *trying not to laugh* no but the last time you got stuck an elephant crushed our jeep Jase: oh right i forgot man i get in a lot of trouble. Jase's boss: which is why i never go out in the field with you till right now cause this beast is interesting and actually really cool. So, is it a bear or a wolf? Jase: both, you see the ozark howler is described as being half wolf half bear....hey look there's a bear here yogie bear *walks toward "bear"* Jase's boss: uh jase come back this way leave yogie bear alone *starts backing up* The "bear" lifts its head up reaveling that it is the ozark howler and jase's boss already left jase. The ozark howler: (bear roar mixed with wolf howl) Jase starts running as the ozark howler starts chasing him also. Jase: bad yogie bad yogie bear im going to Canada to find the ogopogo!!!!

Story is told by lonewolf


It was good. Looking forward to reading about ogopogo.


So yeah the next story will be the ogopogo and also this style will stay cause it was very hard for me to write in the other story but hey it still has the same humor and stuff as the ones before it and i hoped you enjoyed