So this first part is gonna be me talking about Cryptid Crys, dont worry it aint being discontinued alright thats my "baby" right there but uh the writing style is a pain so i might change it to my style, the type i am use yeah i might change it to my style i dont know tho but now lets get to the reason why i am discontinuing my ,"the camera "series. Well to words could describe it..... Pain and what? Pain as in it is a pain to think of cause i write the first thing i think of which is how i came up with making a series named after my youtube channel cryptid crys.... And what? As in i cant remember what the characters names are and plus it just aint fun for me to write so yeah that's my reasoning.... Ok now i am done explaining stuff to you tomorrow hopefully tomorrow is the cryptid crys story here a hint it starts with O There's your hint, i hope to see you there...and have a happy october.... -lonewolf

Story is told by lonewolf


It's totally fine to discontinue. I've said this before and I'll say it again! Writing is supposed to be fun. You shouldn't force yourself to write. Always do what you want and never give up. We'll still have cryptic crys. That's good. Keep it up! I'll look forward to the next part.


So yeah sorry for the bad news but hey we still have cryptid crys so yay...