A long time ago in 1892, there was a young woman only known as Ms. Miller. Ms. Miller lived in a small house in a small town called Blackwood. Everyone in Blackwood didn't like Ms. Miller. She was alwa quiet and never spoke to anyone. She would always be in that creepy house and nobody would go over there. People suspected her to be a witch. One day, while Ms. Miller was cooking food for herself, an angry woman named Marianne stormed in and grabbed Ms. Miller out of her house. Apparently, Ms. Miller was faaccused of having sex and this made Marianne really angry. She took Ms. Miller to a field and she pulled out a hammer. "Any last words?", Marianne asked "Once you beat me up, you'll regret it and soon the whole town of Blackwood will be cursed" Marianne rolled her eyes and began beating Ms. Miller with the hammer. She hid Ms. Miller's body in a hole and walked off. A few days later, Marianne was found hanging. Another few days later, a woman named Trudi was found with her head in the oven. Rumor has it that Ms. Miller came back to life and haunts the town of Blackwood to get revenge on those who've wronged her. Remember, Ms. Miller will haunt you if you say her name Ms. Miller, Ms. Miller, Ms. Miller

Story is told by JasOf1920