Deep in the woods there i stood looking at a tree. It was dark and dead looked of a head the branches were only three. It was a forest were birds sang chorus with lively upbeat feelings. It was profound that there i found, the bark was always peeling. I walked wondering what was pondering in that peculiar tree. I looked in a hole to only see a whole bunch of things waiting to be free. Out of hunger and out of greed they took hold of me and began to eat. Pain and sorrow as i hollowed out on the floor. No bones no flesh not even a mess as i became no more. Such an odd tree i found hidden in the woods if i only listed to my mother i would have understood. Never go in the forest Bobby, or they may never find your body. Now i know ill never be free. From deep in the woods a very odd tree.

Story is told by mr. gardwell

mr. gardwell

Never mind ww2 will come eventually but i need to take a look in history so its mostly historically correct. So instead im redoing the viral creatures that hide in the air.


This was awesome! I write poems too but I can't come up with anything creepy to post here. This poem was really good.

mr. gardwell

This is a first attempt at a poem of some sort i guess. Next week we go back to world war 2