Eleven mike Dustin And Lucas where all hanging out when the bad men found them. They ran to a place no one really knows and hid inside a trailer until the sheirf started to talk to them. Then he went and got them and took them to the school,and made something for eleven, to talk to will after she told will ,to hold on the bad men where at the school and the mom and sheirf left. A demagorgen came and eleven mike Dustin and Lucas ran into a class room and shut and locked the door. a little bit later the demagorgen broke through the door Lucas used a sling shot and it a few times. then eleven step in and killed him when the demagorgen disappear so did eleven mike was heart broken. Made by:Alex hope you guys enjoyed and I'm sorry for not posting much I've been sick and had no ideas

Story is told by Alex


Weird, thank you so much


I liked that it was amazing