Its been a few years and my body is doing fine inside, of the suit I'm making lots of new friends ,alice and I are besties. Its the next day, and my body is now starting to rot inside of the suit so I research on how to get my, body to not rot. Inside and me be dead is to kill people and put them inside of, suits so I went on a rampage ,and killed more then 70 people. alice did too ,and I was starting to get feelings for her. I'm sure she doesn't like me back so it hurts and I really hope she does find someone. Alice got out of the suit and into a human body I did after a while a few weeks after being human Alice started to date this guy named josh. Its been a while since I seen Alice so I texted her and asked if she wanted to hang out and grab some food. She said yes and we met up got food then went to the beach I pushed her in and her makeup came off and showed a bunch of bruises and scars. Made by:Alex hope you guys enjoyed and do you guys want a part 6?

Story is told by Alex


Weird, Thanks


I love all your stories they are amazing and i just love themā¤