Notice: This story is discontinued because I ran out of Ideas, also I'll be Deleting this app, if you want to contact me, my wattpad username is @BTSshitz also ignore my last story/post Not dead yet [discontinued] Previously on Not dead yet.. After school was over, Seohyun and his friends headed to the arcade and had some fun. Everyone headed back home After the sun started to set. Seohyun also headed home but he felt like hecwas being stalked. He turned around. No one was to be seen. He continued walking but not long after someone grabbed his wrist and covered his mouth with a cloth causing him to faint. Continuation Seohyun woke up to find himself in a darkroom, he was tied to a chair, his mouth still covered with a piece of clothing. He tried talking, but all that came out was gibberish. He than looked around the darkroom, it was pitch dark with nothing but him and the chair. The room was completely empty. He tried to get loose from the rope that was tying his hands, but it was no use. He struggled to get loose for the next few minutes. "Trying to get loose?" Said a deep voice from the corner of the room. Seohyun looked at the direction where the voice came from. He saw a man dressed in all black, he was covering his face with a mask. "Your probably going to kill me aren't you? Seohyun said in a low voice looking down. ??: "Oh no, I'm not going to kill you" Seohyun: "If so, what are you gonna do to me?" ??: "I'm going to make you suffer" Seohyun gulped, Seohyun: "why?" ??: "I'm going to take revenge" Seohyun: "Why? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!" ??: "You tried to kill me" the man said in a calm voice. ??: "YOU TRIED TO BURN ME ALIVE" Seohyun: "J-jaehoo?" Jaehoo: " Aww, your so smart" He (Jaehoo) said taking his mask off. Jaehoo: "You burned down the whole mansion, just because you wanted to kill me. You made my parents suffer, and lastly you almost killed me. YOU IDIOTIC B#TCH" Jaehoo: "You.. You used to my best friend, you were the one I could always rely on" Jaehoo said as his eyes started to flood with tears Jaehoo: "but now.. Your nothing to me" "Now I'm going to make you suffer, I'm gonna do even worse than you did to me and my parents" He said as he gritted his teeth, he clenched his hand into a fist and punched Seohyun. He punched Seohyun so hard that his lips started bleeding uncontrollably. He started Beating up Seohyun badly. Plot twist: Seohyun is actually dreaming, he didn't burn Jaehoo's mansion. Also Jaehoo is Seohyun's boyfriend is reality, yes they're gay So that's all, and as I said I'm deleting this app, Hope you have a great rest of your day/night. Comment your thoughts on the story, bye =) edit: if you're wondering how I'll view the comments, I'm not deleting this app until 3/10 also sorry If this was horrible, this story is a literal ✨F L O P✨

Story is told by bloody skullz


The story was good. But.... Oh my gosh the ending..... It was totally unexpected. Good job!