Rachel wake up. Get up! Ugh. Might as well go back to sleep...Sally you aren't going anywhere. Please don't Jace it's very annoying. Awww...why not? You know that you want to kiss me. Shut it! I told you already I have a girlfriend. Right... Now shoo Jace. Meanie. Hmmm... Allison can you tell me in how many more days we will be outta here???? Approximately...153 days. Perfect..just perfect. At least it's not like two years. Yea, that's true. Later.... Sally I'm going over the plan one more time do you want to listen or do you remember? I'll listen this time, it's the only plan we have anyways. Good, I was hoping you would or else I'd drag you over her my self. Seriously? Yea. Anyways, the plan is we will try... Too be continued Sorry I made this a little short I had classes when this happend so I rushed ?

Story is told by Egyptgachacat_isback