The trail to yitith is a long forgotten one no one ever crossed the path of anything retched with the origin of that place. In legends and folklore it is said that only one stone brick path can lead you there to the unreachable place, it never connected to any trails or maps as it was built half way to mysteriously stop no one ever went in. No one ever came out. I wanted to reveal the secrets of this so called non-existent world of unholy inhumane people. But as i try im only the close assistance of one of the three daklend brothers. Eh Dr. Daklend actually not the professor nor the sad end of the detective. Im not supposed to talk about the daklend brothers or the daklend sister but i can no longer keep to myself. I lie in a mental pain of my past horrors as i lie in a death bed, ever since my return from yitith i never really had the sense of wanting to live only to wish myself to the heavens or peaceful oblivion. May anything try to hunt me down i no longer care i will greet he or she who puts my life to another place. Dr. Daklend found my hidden secret research the month before with great wonder he never told me until i pin point the exact Location of the trail of which he came clean and said he wanted to get his mind of the brutal massacre his brother the detective was involved with. He of course snuck me out into a plane within my moment of sleep. The only way to get to the trail is if we pass the ocean. I have a terrible case of thalassaphobia, or rather fear of the ocean. Ever since i was a little boy i had a great hatred for the ocean unholy beast below the fragrance of light deep in the cold dark waters. So of course when i relized were we were off to i never looked over and down as i know damn well there is no way i could function with the thought of something reaching from the god awful ocean and bringing me to my cold death. Daklend on the other hand feared nothing except the likely hood of never knowing he is like a Sherlock holmes except a great narcissist. He flew his intelligence to all like a million dollars in a starving village. In fact he makes a living off of his intelligence and one question what if its real. He has unconditionally explored the regions of the world to find many things such as a wendigo or as were trying to find a script of the magical rune that lies in yitith. I guided daklend across the seas we had to stop at the great hong kong China. We got lost from England and we had to find north and south the folkes there were nice and offering but of course they got a bad vibe off of us because of daklend if it weren't any better of him being narcissist he was also homophobic and racist honestly if i weren't the only one with a job in my poor family i would never sign up to be daklend's assistant i would be my own doctor to go and do what he does but to be a better man. We were off early in the morning as one of the people tried to kill daklend it was odd. "So i went to a bar last night with a friend of mine who was a translator also he was from England so we know he is a food mannered fellow, we had a great night catching up on some things and i spoke of that yitith place and the rune you spoke of the place went quiet strange that night my close friend tried to kill me i had no other choice he was bound by death to kill me, but why?" Daklend told me. The rune, yitith its said he who follows the trail experienced bad luck and madness. Daklend never listens to me though so we kept going. Hours would pass by of the shining blue sky as i was to afraid of the place below. Soon the dr. Yelled LAND UP AHEAD! A small island maybe 200 miles in diameter we circled it for the longest time. There wasn't any visible City's also we needed a landing pad not a lot of space anywhere for it. We found a beach at one area southeast of the area. A risky move for the engine was bare if any sand was to get in it we would be stuck here for who knows how long we started our walk for the place of yitith. The story of yitith as been around for centuries possibly before the race of humans its wonder around for years amongst Neanderthals for longer than we expect. It said it as a rune slab that as the ability to think and talk it as all the knowledge of the cosmos past our celestial bodies the reason of everything. I had Been thinking so much of the rune that had forgot where i was along with daklend finding the path. I couldn't believe my eyes the stone brick path was covered with creeping moss and explored by weeds. We walked the mile long path for only us to feel unnerved as if something was watching us silently hunting us. The tale of yitith told of inhumane Hunters with sharp pitchfork like spears tall thin things white eyes pointed teeth claws and more they only attack once you leave the path. I told daklend this and as fearlessly the most stupidest smartest man he was stepped off before a tall pale creature at least 9 ft tall skeleton looking thing jumped with a high pitched gravelly roar/screech daklend tripped onto the alleged path spared by the path the hunter pounced back with the rest of its group of angry glowing eyes. It was this exact moment we knew we were at yitith. We have found yitith. I was so excited i couldn't think. We both ran all the way to the end of the path to relize the city of yitith isn't as harmonious as we thought the building stacked high of purple black rocks that towerd. We walked in and it felt awful it held people of awful looks indescribable things that rolled across the ground mishaped lumpy balls of monstrous things with worm like appendages toothed worms with mouths on the core body as well tentacles surrounded its blue body. It was an awful look we ran further to escape the things. We were stuck in this nirvana of horror the sky twisted to horrors of faces and eyes. We tried to run away even daklend was scared we wanted to get out i saw the stone path and i etched daklend to follow me and so he did we ran as far as we could it was a blur after that. I remember being at the path and looking back and seeing daklend entangled screeching body get drawn to the sky by a spider web like thread. I was stuck at that beach for what felt like years before i woke up in a ship that happened to find my body at the beach. I was hospitalized there for the longest time knowing nothing but nightmares of daklend and the things and the sky a world beyond our comprehension i dont even think i was on earth when i went there. I believe i was involved in an old family curse as the rest of the daklends disappear under odd horrific circumstances. This is my final words abandon my family either by rejection, death, and hatred. I greet my afterlife, my gods, and my death with open arms as i wonder if either age or "them" will kill me first.

Story is told by mr. gardwell


Wow.. this one..... I'm out of words. It's just too good. But remember RandomWriter's friendly advice on your story "Nul Asigog"? Keep that in mind. Otherwise your story was awesome!

mr. gardwell

Also to not cause confusion im not homophobic or racist i just wanted to make daklend a jerk so no one cared that he died a horrible death.

mr. gardwell

This was based off of a nightmare i was in a different place