(this is pt2) My mother shouted "ALEX ANN I KNOW THATS UR BOX FULL OF PRANKS FAKE BLOOD BEING ONE OF THEM TRY TO CONVINCE ME THIS HOUSE IS HUNTED OR CURSED AGAIN YOU'LL BE GROUNDED" quitly i respond, "yes mom" thinking to my self "were gonna die" i go out and grab more boxes out of the moving truck that just arrived. " "Ma'am we cant help you were not steping anywhere near that house ur crazy to have moved in there" my mom looking mad said "WHATEVER just help unload and set it on the ground out here in the yard" "YES MA'AM" the midget yelled. I tried not to laugh beacsue there just making her even more mad by the second after we unloaded it all into the house my mom looks at me "alex i know you really dont wanna live here so u can pick the first room" "thanks mom" i replied trying not to make her more mad. And i head up stairs were all the rooms were thinking to my self wich room i wanted even tho back at our old house sounded safer i picked the room farthest from the stairs and stared unpacking i opened to the closet and "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" i screamed... .

Story is told by Zombie Leader