"MOM!" I shouted as we pulled up to our new house. "don't shout at me young man she said sternly." "Sorry mom but this house is cursed Dont be silly dear" she said as she poped the truck "now grab a box and head inside." "Yes mom i siad trying not to make her mad." I grabed a huge box trying not to drop it i head i side forgeting theres more boxes to carry i put the box down in a very empty living room. Looks more like a dead room i thought. I keep looking around its a huge house 6 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, and 1 dining room all the rooms looking quite big My mom walks in "boy what do you think your doing get out there and grab more boxes" "Yes mom" i say "this is a big house for 2 people don't you think" " well its not gonna just be us ur aunt and uncle and theres kids are moving in too." "No mom there be in danger too its bad enough were in danger" i said. My mom replied "boy what makes you think your in danger." "Well mom everyone who has ever even stepped foot in this house ethier died or vanished" i said "i mean look" pointing to a corner in a living room "theres blood"

Story is told by Zombie Killer