So this was I guess about a year ago and I was sitting on my bed playing my computer and suddenly my chair jumped up and I thought that was super weird and I told my mom about it almost immediately but knowing my mom, her always thinking logically says it's probably nothing. So anyways, a little bit later I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back to my room, all my stuffed animals (yes I know I'm older and yes I still have stuffed animals, don't judge me) were pulled out from under my bed and scattered all around my room and I thought that was weird and I told my grandma about it(my grandma believes in ghosts so I tell her all about my paranormal experiences) and she thought that was weird to. THE END Upvote for more stories like this.

Story is told by Aqua_the_cool


Thank you


Oh damn do you know what's scarier than ghosts? Having to clean up after something you didnt do. Anyways I upvoted, you owe me more amazing stories ;)