So this aint scary or creepy but it is strange...(so sept 24 is my birth so yeah today sorta today as in when writing this) we cast out me and my mom...cast out with hot dogs and garlic smelling liquid... Instantly my my mom got a huge fish. It was all black with a dark red tail.... And it was able to snap my mom's line, while i freaked out cause we had no net.... And so i named it the black death.... If you are into fishing and out of state fishing go to clearfield utah to a pond name Mabey pond and maybe you will be more lucky then us and maybe you will be the one to reel in the black death.... I'll make an update story if i catch the black death...... The unknown beast of Mabey pond.....still lurks for now.....

Story is told by lonewolf


Eh i aint in europe or africa so i am fine (Good pun...)


Lol, sorry for the pun but i dont think you wanna catchthe black death.


We do not know what type of fish it was but all we know is it is big black and likes hotdogs....maybe you will be the lucky person to catch it...idk