I don't know if this counts as a paranormal experience but I'll just tell the story. So I had a friend over (these stories I'm telling u happened when me and my friend had a four day sleepover so you will hear a lot of "I had a friend over" or "me and my friend"). Anyways so I had a friend over and we were staying in my rv beside my house, so we were about to leave the rv and my friend went and closed the bedroom door because I didn't want to leave it open and so we went to my house for a little bit. We came back to the rv a little bit later to get something and the door of the bedroom was open so we thought that was weird like we thought maybe the door didn't latch all the way but I don't know, my friend swore she closed it all the way so we were a little creeped out by that but we didn't think much of it until later that night we were trying to sleep and I swore I kept hearing foot steps threw out the rv. I don't know what it was, it might have been my goats (I have 13 goats) but we were still creeped out. THE END Upvote for more stories like this.

Story is told by Shelby Lee