Sorry for the weird title but I didn't know what to put, because I don't know what my friend saw. So this was a few months ago and I had a friend over, we decided to go out on a walk and we walked past this creepy old shack on our property. We were staring into it then I saw something in the distance and I went to look at it while my friend stayed at the shack. I was there for a little bit then she started yelling my name so I ran to her and asked her what was wrong, she said she had seen a white transparent head above the fence in the shack. I didn't see it so I went into the shack to investigate, my friend came in a little bit later and we looked around but we didn't see anything. I don't know what she saw or if she saw anything but we were surely freaked out and we ran out of there as fast as we could. THE END Upvote for more stories like this and comment below what u thought my friend saw.

Story is told by Shelby Lee


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Idk maybe


Very nice stories.. I think that thing would be a spirit only ?

Shelby Lee

Thank you very much!!

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Heh i like these stories