So we have this big shed by our house and it's filled with very old vehicles and old stuff and LOTS of dust so it's very creepy looking, there isn't a lot of light in it so it's very dark and eerie, I go there a lot because I always thought it was haunted and sure enough I was proven right. So one day I was in there and I was just walking around and looking and I started hearing a weird noise but I thought it was just the shed so I didn't think much of it but I heard it again and so I go toward the noise and it stops I walk away and it starts again then I walk towards it and it stops again so I thought that was weird so I got my brother and we went towards the noise together and we heard a very loud groan and we got out butts out of there as fast as we could, since then I hadn't really gone in there much. THE END Upvote for more stories like this!

Story is told by Shelby Lee


I've seen ur stories to, I love them


I'm so glad u like my stories

Also.. i love dis story bro! It deserves more likes. SO EVERYONE LIKE DIS STORY! 1?= 1 less moanin shed in yo backyard brothas!!

I once had a moanin shed at my school! And in my back yard- Turns out it was just my parents and some stupid teens XD