so this is a story based on non-fiction(a.k.a. real life)so this happened to my mom and my big brother ,so my mom was at the house watching me and my sister we were just babys at the time and my brother had basket ball and my mom thought that he did but acually he didnt so that was because 1 day my brother was sick and he missed that there was a note saying there was no basketball and after school ,my mom did not pick up my brother so he walked home by himself and our house was all the way across town he could have walked to his friends house cause it was behind the school but he desided to walk home so my mom went to go pick him up and he was not at school there was nobody ther but his teacher know his teacher said that she didnt know where he went so my mom was so worried she drove around town and finally found him hours later. also the shout out goes to...shayasta stone know byee byeeeeeeeeee

Story is told by Xx_lonewolfie_xX


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