"We have a substitute today?!"I blurted shocked because we've never had a substitute for art. The teacher was old so I under stand us getting a new teacher, but she was amazing. I took a seat next to my best friend, Jake. I know it's a little weird to be friends with a boy, but he was pretty cool. All my other friends were saying that I liked him. He is Amazing, but we agreed not to fall in love (well we didn't take a vote but he would agree to stay friends.) "Yup." Jake said with a sad smile. The teacher inters the room with a creepy smile to lighten the mood. She's wearing a tight skirt that goes just up the nee, and a black shirt with buttons along the middle. Her smile gives me a chill but Jake doesn't seem to notice. We went through the class normally untill the end. She realized that I was a little uncomfortable "Are you uncomfortable dear?" She blurted so everyone could hear. I responded back by saying "No." Then she carries on. I walk home today it was a long walk because I couldn't get the teachers smile out of my head, and because I was lost.

Story is told by Corpse-Nightmare

After My Death.

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That's was so creepy is that was real or God




Can you please help me make a creepy story? Thanks


Yeah.. Waiting for part 2


Like for part 2!!