Jase walks to Mt.pleasent Virginia Hope of the moth man. "Little creepy that i am alone in a ware house that is said to be the moth mans layer i mean i could be chasing vampires or ghost in fact i could be kissing death right now" jase says trying to calm himself down. "Well you were the one that chose this one also why vampires and why would you kiss death" jase's boss says "I'll tell you another time alright" jase says Jase walks into the office room and looks up to see the moth man nestled in a small corner sleeping, jase turns on a camera and records it... "Aww he or she? Looks so comfy and adorable in some weird terrifying way i hate to do this but *picks up metal bar and throws it hitting the moth man* sorry" jase say loudly Mothman: (blood curdling screech) "Ahhh im sorry i am sorry ahhhhh" jase says hopping in his dodge charger.... Ten days later.... "Boss i am going to scot land for the loch ness monster alright" jase says "But jase i said you could go in vacation" jase's boss says "Eh i want to look for the loch ness monster" jase says....

Story is told by lonewolf


mr. gardwell, if you are talking about my other story called the whistle of the skinwalker i aint doing a part two but if you are talking about a cryptid crys skinwalker one it maybe soon after the loch ness monster one which i think you are talking about it maybe after loch ness it may not be i dont know yet hell it might be the very last one of these....idk but trust me i will be making a skinwalker one of cryptid crys....

mr. gardwell

So when comes the skinwalker?




Moth man seemed kinda scary. I wonder how Lochness monster will be.


Ladies and gentlemen men the moth man is terrifying....(yes i know i am captain obvious)