We hunt, We stalk, We prowl, We howl, We are the wolves of the night, We are the wolves in your head, I cant breathe, I cant see, I cant feel, What is real, What is fake, "You're the mistake" they say, "You will never find love" they say, "Lets go down by the bay" i say, So i can drown my problems, So i can frown on my problems, Yeah that sounds like a solution, I am not ok i say, But no one wants to listen, Now the glisten of the morning water shows, My life is a mess, I am stressed, In distress, Bleed me out, And hang me to dry, Maybe i can think about something normal, For a change that sounds good, Two fries a double cheeseburger and a shake is bad, Maybe suicide, Is the only thing that i know, Maybe depression is the only thing i cope with, I dont know but they are in my head, Making my life a mess, We are the wolves of the night, We are in side your head, We make your life hell, Till you're dead, And we make you unable to think, :song ends Hi so this was just a freestyle hence some not great parts so yeah please leave me know what i should do next and also go on to my cryptid crys pt2 story plz read through it then go down to the comments read my comment pick that is on the list i made or tell me one that aint on one plz and think you.

Story is told by lonewolf


WOW !! Great job UwU


Woah... This is good. I'm out of words...