I dont know how to write this so im gonna do this the simplest way possible,I'm deleting the app I've been on this app for 2 yrs I've seen people come and go,I've met interesting people(when the app had a chat option)and I've met people that well, had issues kinda like me. This app has been fun seeing new writers with great plots for their stories and some that found interesting creepypastas and others that got their ideas from the smallest things. And my message to yall,if someone tells you,you suck at drawing,singing,playing games and writing stories **** them keep doing what makes you happy don't listen to people who don't want you happy. And ps:don't do drugs kids,unless I gave them to you

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ

Ava loves stories

Well even though your right and wrote wonderful stories. It doesn't matter what people think. It matters what the person thinks actually. But just because people give out nice compliments doesn't mean they are telling ze (the) truth. Well, people give out mean comments as we know it but don't listen to them. Keep on writing. We know it's very annoying when it comes to rude comments. We know they are sometimes unexpected. But don't stop trying. And goodbye though it was a pleasure you being here


It's sad that you are leaving, you wrote so many incredible stories, and you were my first follower. Your stories will be missed, but, have a good life.


Damn sucks that you are leaving. You wrote really great stories. Goodluck with your life and all tho


Will miss you alot


You're right. Everyone should keep doing what they like and try to improve themselves. We shouldn't listen to other people who doesn't care about us and do what we can, want and need to do. If someone cares they'll stick around. I hope you keep doing what makes you happy and have a great life. You're stories were good, btw. Bye!

mr. gardwell

Ok! Bye.