I looked in the box and.. it..it was.. glass eyes. "Glass eyes?" I said to myself. Now my grandad was blind yes but he had eyes..I think. I frantically ran upstairs and grabbed an old photo album i had. I flicked through the dusty pages and tryed to find the photos of my grandad. "No, no, not that one. Oh come on!." I yelled as i dropped the book on the side and a picture fell out of a folded section. "Ah there you are" it was a picture of my grandad when he was younger. He had short brown hair that was in a sort of undercut fashion and a wide smile, he was with family members i had never met and wore a waistcoat and very suited shoes. But the one thing that looked the same in every memory or picture i saw if him where his glasses. Now my grandad didn't have to wear them but he liked to. They looked like sunglasses. "I've never seen him without his glasses on." I mumbled to myself "why did i never see him without them on? Did he just like wearingthem or was it somethimg else?" I asked myself as I went back down stairs picture in had and looked at the glass eyes. Something about them made me feel uneasy, they gave off an vibe that didn't sit well with me so i closed the box. I wanted to ask my parents if they knew anything about them but they would more then likely say "he collected many strange things so i wouldn't worry" but i couldn't help feeling like i needed to fine where they came from. I put all the boxes away, by that i ment push them aside for future me to deal with, and left the house to go see an old friend of mine.. Hey, its Muffin. Sorry about the long wait for the next part. Im a nervous writer ? but thank you to the people who wanted to see a next part. Sprry again it took so long but I'll try to do more updates, if people like it that is.

Story is told by Muffin1970