So have you ever watched "My Strange Addiction" it almost sounds like they a forced to drink or do some of these things....and there is never an almost normal one except or the yearn or earn one (not sure which is the right one) there is never like" hi my name is kyle and my strange addiction is smoking a whole bag of weed in one day" or " hi my name is john and my strange addiction is i like sniffing alcohol" It is usually " (nervous/scared voice) hi i am kendra and my strange addiction is drinking gasoline" or " hi my name is coral and i like shoving stuff up my nose, And then some are hesitant or scared and others just go yeah this is ight... Maybe some are being bribed and maybe some are being forced to do it... I say one where it looked like this person would jump (scared type of jump) when the camera moved just a little so yeah REALLY CREEPY AND UNNERVING SHOW!!!!!!

Story is told by lonewolf


That show seems fake but creepy...


Another caution tape..