Benji: did you miss the turn Cody: no, we are on the right track,the gps shows us going the right way Sarah:" i did not miss the turn" was all you needed to say and Zena are you recording Zena: yes cause i wanted to test this out so i could make a short film when we come back Benji: (jokingly) that is we ever make it back alive cause grandma here wants to drive under the speed limit Cody: oh haha i do not know this area well so i wont know the speed limits well Sarah: it is 56 mph Cody:really? Are you sure Zena: pretty sure she would not of told you if she did not know Cody can be seen speeding up t 65 then back down to 56 mph. Benji: jeez no need to be come turbo the snail Footage stops there

Story is told by lonewolf


Interesting. Keep going.