This girl, she's good looking, have a nice personality and can do almost anything she wants to or tries. Everyone loves her and would do anything for her. She's just perfect. Funny fact is most girls admire her instead of being jealous. And she's....... I'm confused what to say here. Naive or fake? I wonder..... This girl that I speak of, is Amber. We're best friends. We've known eachother for 3 years now. I'm actually not so good looking or talented like her. People usually avoid me. I don't understand why. It's not like I'll kill them or anything. Nobody looks at me or recognises me properly. It's really so frustrating. I really don't like her sometimes. But I shouldn't think like this. She's a good girl. She always calls me pretty and helps me all the time. She always make me feel good and supports me. Not only that she's always trying to help me improve myself. She's just the best friend anyone would want. She's perfect. An angel sent from heaven to be exact although she keeps saying she's an evil she devil. She loves helping and understanding others. It's like a obsession to her though. She just can't ignore a person when they're sad or needs help. She'd do anything to support them and make things better. She always help others and forget herself. But she's weird...... Sometimes you just can't handle her. I just stay away from her in those times. She recovers quickly though. I just don't understand this girl. How can one be so perfect? She doesn't even feel jealous. She doesn't get angry or say anything to me! Ugh! She's so annoying! What is she? Just what is she?! She drives me crazy sometimes, to be honest. But I just can't avoid her. She's so sweet, kind, caring and nice. But she can be super scary if she gets mad. Too scary..... I was thinking about her when the bell rang. So...... Where is she? This never happened before. Umm... Maybe once? No, maybe more than twice. I'm not sure. Everyone is thinking the same thing. "M–may I come in, ma'am?" She asked shyly. She's just too cute when she's embarrassed. I wish I could take a picture of her at the time. But if she knew she'd kill me. Uhhhh...... What is this girl? She sighs in relief as she sits next to me and takes a sip of water from her bottle after she calms down a little. Too pretty.... She's too pretty..... Why is she so pretty? What do I have to do to become like her? I just can't help but think about it. "What is my Bear thinking?" She asks in a cute voice. Why is her voice so cute? If I were a guy seriously....... Let's avoid that thought. She calls me Bear but my name is Bonnie. She says I kinda feel like a cute bear to her. She's weirdly sweet. "I was wondering why you're late today." I lied. Like I had a choice. She won't know anything anyways. "Argh! I'm feeling mad again!" She said as she made that face. It's hilariously adorable. "What happened?" I managed to ask as I laughed at her expression. She didn't mind though. But she seems scared. I could tell from her expression. "What is it Griffin? Talk to me. You don't have to be so scared." I put my hand on her shoulder a bit carefully. It's rare but sometimes she gets stiff if someone touches her. As for the nickname I accidentally called her that one day and she liked it. So, I kept calling her that. I have noticed that sometimes she doesn't like people calling her stuff like baby or sweetie or other stuff. Once a classmate called her something like those and she kept being uncomfortable around her even though she was a girl. Although sometimes she doesn't mind those. She's still quiet. I'm kinda getting impatient now. "Hey.... Is it bothering you that much?" "Actually........" She's hesitating. She's just too bad at expressing herself. So, you have to be super patient with her. "On my way to school....." "Say it already!" I couldn't take it anymore. "I was stalked" Her expression became more scared. "What if both of you were headed to the same direction?" (It could be that but I doubt it) "Then he wouldn't ask for my number." She mentioned being serious. This expression is also cute. She's just always too paranoid especially around guys. She's scared of them. She also hates or despises them. "I have noticed this guy for a month now....." Her expression just turned emotionless. It's the time I don't understand her at all. "And you just mention it now?" I was a bit pissed. "I feel like killing him....." I don't like her expression now. It's emotionless and cold. She acts like a psycho. "He doesn't deserve to live...." She's getting scarier by the second. "Just because he asked for your number doesn't mean he deserves to die." I tried to reason with her. She looked me in the eye. Her expression and the look in her eyes..... There's a glint but I can't deceiper what she's feeling. Whatever it is I don't like it. To Be Continued

Story is told by Inti


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