Flame: hoodie what did Rouge say about Jacob Hoodie: i dont know if it is true cause the proxy leave Jacob alone for the most part but she got mad and told every one that if she kills Jacob she would be able see her family again and she would retire as a killer and just get out of this life but how she detailed what she will do is gruesome and Jacob has not come back from hunting with Rouge.... Flame: WHAT!!!!! Sound the alarm Hoodie sounds the alarm Masky: jeff you know what that means right? Jeff the killer: hoodie ratted out Rouge Toby: yep Jeff: come on lets go Three hour after searching.... Flame: blood tail right here this looks like human blood not Jacob's wait.....this smells like Rouge's blood Jeff: you can tell the difference between the smell of blood? Weird Flame: it goes up this way....toward the train tracks Three more hours (this is getting ridiculous)...... Jacob: Rouge i dont hit women Rouge: *choking on her own blood* you already stabbed me might as well finish me off right (stumbles forward then back) Jacob: i wont hit you Rouge: come on where is that strong intimidating person psycho assassin Psycho assassin: oh you are gonna pay for trying to kill me (slashes Rouge's arm) Rouge: there he is (claws at psycho's stomach) Psycho Assassin pins rouge down and puts his gun to her head Rouge: see i knew you were dangerous Jacob: (jumps back) i...i..i...aint dangerous i aint a monster just stop stop stop i am sorry Jacob starts to freak out and cry red tears from ptsd from child hood past and his kidnapping (brother series) Flame: brother you alright come on lets get you home you have not slept since the kidnapping you alright... The two brothers walk back to the house, while every one else makes sure rouge is alright before one of the proxy drag her back to slenderman

Story is told by lonewolf