My freind was dead upon entering the dark world that was the forbidden tunnel. A world strange of dead dark void, it was a couple of years ago when me and my freinds were being idiots and one of us died because of it. The boards that was closing it up. I ripped the boards off and ran in stupidly angry and held my breath as much as i possible could. I had a sick feeling and looked around in fear of creatures beyond recognition many surronded me but just stared. I kept walking i.... I dont see any walls are these creatures real or hallucinations. I kept walking i kept going and going i was losing my mind and my life. I was falling unconscious soon everything was black. I found myself in history when people whom werent afraid of a tunnel. It was used as a bridge for settlers so they didn't have to cross the sea. Time past and it was midnight a strange man walked and bowed to the space. He stood up and danced while saying words of a language i didnt know or doesnt exist. The tunnel became pitch black and the man walked into it to disappear I found myself back in my era. Somehow i past the tunnel without dying i breathed though which lead to me losing my arm i bled out a dark substance before it bled actual blood i went to the hospital were doctors left and right said i should be dead. I saw a doctor alone that night i felt i had recognized the man i soon realized that the man was the person who made the tunnel i tried to scream for help but i couldn't i slowly drifted away as the man said the strange language and waved his hands above me i rotted to a dead substance slowly...slowly...slow.

Story is told by mr. gardwell


I remember the previous one too. This one is just as amazing as the previous one.


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mr. gardwell

KILLERKD, indeed


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