Recap:There was a big window at the West corner of the room which failed to have my attention earlier.I went near it and opened the curtains.It was evening time.The sun was setting.The view gave me a restless as well as a peaceful calm feeling.And yet there was a strong storm going inside of my mind. I stand near the window untill the last ray of the sunlight lost in the deep pool of the darkness. Darkness.Darkness is something that is terrifying yet comfortable.When you are in darkness you feel scared and try every possible way to search a little hope of light..just a little..but while searching you don't know, when you get used to the darkness. But when you see a tunnel full of that darkness that you are used to...that moment you feel that scared..which you never felt before.That scared moment is way more terrifying than the thought of losing your life. *Exhales sharply* *Knock knock* "Lia,are you there, sweetheart?" *No reply* "Look your mom is sorry for behaving strictly with you before.I was exhausted from moving,sweety.Please open the door.""Ok, honey. You don't need to open the door or neither need to talk to me but dinner is ready.Please come downstairs.You haven't eaten all day long." *Footsteps fading slowly* Suddenly I realized that yes.Yes,Indeed, I was hungry.Changing homes, long drive,the unknown girl, unconsciousness,panic attack, Nate's behavior-all of them has really made me exhausted and I don't even realize that I didn't eat whole day. Sometimes people are caught into some unknown situation that they totally forget about their surrounding...The reality. I don't know why but I feel like crying.I feel like I am lost.Lost Somewhere.. totally unknown as if I am in a magical maze.But no,I was here standing on my two feet inside my new room and yet I feel lost.I couldn't hold anymore.I broke down into tears. I wanted to scream.Scream hard.I wanted someone to help me but from what I don't know. I can't scream because I know there will be no one to hear my scream and pleading of wanting help.

Story is told by Fabliha_kabir


I didn't find any any mistakes this time. And as I told you before–––you are a good writer. Please don't underestimate yourself. This one was really very impressive. I'm being honest with you.


Bossy , I myself don't know about it.I am extremely sorry that you have to bear it...I know it's too boring..and I don't deserve to be a writer.But the thing is that I love to write down my thoughts and I write for my pleasure only.Also there are many grammertical mistakes.I apologize not only to you but others also.Sorry again.??


How many parts will be there???