(Hey guys real quick not sure how many parts there will be to this i was thinking possibly 11 or 12 or even doubled the amount of my brush story *i forgot the name* check that series out if you have not already and this will be in my style but found fiction type now on to the story hope you enjoy...) Camera glitches up and gets rewinded to the beginning: Cody: is this thing on.... Sarah: yes yes it is you twat Benji: alright thats enough cody it is on you can tell by the red light that is i believe the recording like or sensor i cant remember Zena: so when are we supposed to leave for the rocky mountains again Cody: we are leaving tomorrow the drive up to the cabin is like 12 hours which sucks but yeah....and we wont leave for a month imma bring this to film for my dad cause he wanted to come but then backed out cause of his work,so i will record which means i wont be driving as much....if that is ok with y'all Sarah: ugh great another country boy who wont get off his lazy butt and do something good for once in his life Benji: whoa easy there white girl...no need to get racist just cause he is Hispanic i mean for crying out loud i am native American from a tribe call the Shoshone tribe they were a mountain tribe from utah Zena: sarah you alright you just have been mad. Sarah: i dont know maybe because i was dragged into this even though i wanted to morn my dog that died Benji: we did it cause we go all that time and you always have something to do so this year we wanted to get your mind off the dead dog problem and have fun with friends who care about you.... Cody: imma shut this off till for now and i will put this on charge too.... Footage ends and so does day one........ To be continued

Story is told by lonewolf


Interesting. I'll look forward to the next part.


This whole serie will be up on my pod cast after it is over and finished