1: I work for an exterminators. My job is to get rid of any unwanted pests. Rats, insects, spiders, and all of the others as well. One day, I got a call from a woman who needs my services in a hurry. She sounded frightened so I hurried over to her house. It reminded me of that time when my neighbour found his basement was infested with rattlesnakes. Anyway, I arrived at the house and woman let me in. "It's upstairs in my bedroom!" she said "please get rid of it. It'sthe seconddoor on the left". I could see that she was really frightened. It must had jumped out while she was changing or something. So, with my equipment in hand, I made my way upstairs. And went inside her room. I looked around and then heard a scuttling noise. Then I noticed it. It was just a spider. A pretty big spider with what looks like green mold growing on it, but a spider none the less. So I took off my boot and chucked it at the spider. I managed to hit it on the first try and managed to kill it. I then picked it up and went out of the room. The woman was waiting for me just at the bottom of the stairs. "Did you kill it?" she asked "yes I did" I replied "you didn't need to be frightened. It wasn't that big". And I showed her the half squashed spider. "THAT'S NOT THE ONE!" the woman said "THAT'S ONE OF ITS OFFSPRINGS!" 2: I used to go swimming in the lake just near my house. Every now and then I would go out there and would practice my laps. But one day, I decided to stop. As I was swimming, something grabbed my leg. It felt like a underwater plant like thing with sharp pointed pits on it. It got a good hold on my leg and I was struggling to break free from its hold. Mainly because whatever it was, was trying to drag me down. But I managed to ripped it out of the ground and swim back to the shore. I lay panting on the sandy bank. But the thing that got hold of me was still on my leg. So I got up to remove it. Yet when I saw what it was... I froze in fear. It wasn't a type of underwater plant that grabbed me... but a hand!

Story is told by GaryMatrix3


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Both of the short stories are fairly good.