Hey there I am Suzi, I want to share my experience. My parents are painters, they work together and their rooms are filled with hundreds of paintings. One day l was passing by my dad's room, and l saw that my parents are talking to each other. My mom asked, "why did you brought such a weird painting?" My dad replied, "l thought you brought it." My mom said, "anyway we cant throw it so..." My mom was about to complete her sentence but my brother interrupted. "I want this painting mom." My mom agreed. I couldn't see the painting properly, so when my brother left his room, l popped in. There was a painting with four scenes. First was a boy near a campfire. Second was he grab a burning stick. Third was the boy was smiling weirdly and the fourth was a terrible one "Hey!" I heard someone shouting on me. I turned and it was my brother. "Get out of my room!" He shout again. I walked outside. And u know that painting changed my brother. He started acting weird. He talks to himself or he scratch his hand and he sketch weird drawing on walls with his own blood. One day l saw bunch of feathers. my brother was near the bunch he was eating a bird raw! I was shocked, "l know thet he was not my brother it was all caused by that weird painting." I decided to throw that painting. I grabbed the painting and ran towards a hill nearby. I was running hardly and l heard someone's voice. I turned my head, it was not my brother,but the creature. It was after me, l took a diversion and was about to kill the creature but the creature shouted and said "Stupid girl you can kill your brother not me." and the creature stop chasing me."l can't waste any more minute" l took the painting and threw it near a house and then l started walking back to the way home. l was crossing the road and "ahhhh!" A car hit me and fell. l heard a few words " see girl, what can a evil painting do" l was dead .after a week l was walking by the same house where l threw the painting and.. l saw feathers. And remember the incidence that happen with my parents that evil creature kill my parents the cause of death was fire accident but l know it was not only an accident.One more thing ..the last Scene from the evil painting was, the boy standing in front of burning house.

Story is told by Adrien agrest