?Don't read this part Five if you haven't read the other parts ? After she ran rushly inside Hannah house as arrived, she immediately closed the door behind her and she leaned back at the door. A foot steps can be heard getting closer and suddenly a man talked in a whispers voice "Don't be afraid..Nikki". After that Nikki take a deep breath as she braved herself and asked "What do you want? How do you know my name??". "I just missed to see you again" the unknown figured replied. As Nikki listened, it sends shivers to her and as much as she want to screamed she can't let out a single screamed. Nikkie struggled a bit to called out Hannah name but she couldn't as she began to feel weak and her eyes getting heavy as she passed put. As she opened her eyes, to Nikki surprised it was just a dream. Nikki felt relieve that they are both still in a car as she saw Hannah still in her nap. Not long after, Nikki saw a car being parked near Hannah car so she woke Hannah up and said "I think your mom had arrived". Hannah then rubs her eyes and yawned as she said "Alright now let's get your things inside". As she went inside while Hannah leads the way to her bedroom, Nikki said to Hannah "What a nice home you got, i like it here". "Just as nice as me" replied Hannah as she giggles. As Nikki about to replied, she then remember vividly about the sence as in the dreams she had earlier. As Nikki place her bags inside Hannah bedroom, she slowly approached the window and peek outside. Hannah noticed Nikki behavior and asked "Nikki, what are you doing? It's already night time". While Nikki peek outside and as she stare at Hannah car, she didn't see any signs of anything similar as in her earlier dreams so Nikki felt relieved. "Oh it's nothing, i'm just checking" said Nikki. Then not long after, Hannah recieved a call while Nikki organized her stuff on the floor. After Hannah ended the call, she then make announcement to Nikki that they recieved invitation to a costume party at one of Hannah friends house. Nikki then quickly asked "What if i don't want to go?". "Oh you will go there together with me!" Hannah replied. Nikki then then make excuses as she said "But i don't had any costume with me, I left it at my house you silly". "I can totally helped you with that and let's started by looking on what you had brought on your bags" said Hannah. As Nikki opened one of her bag, she noticed a black enveloped is stuck between her jackets inside. She then took it out and opened it as the letter inside the enveloped written "Don't be afraid".

Story is told by Sharifah Atiqah