Postman Pat was doing his usual duties around Greendale. He had just finished delivering to the people in the village, when he got a call on his mobile phone. "Pat it's Miss Goggins" a familiar voice said "I'm sorry to phone you but we had a late delivery at the post office. It's a big parcel that needs to be delivered a.s.a.p. Do you mind coming back to the post office to collect it?". "Of course I don't mind" Pat said "I could do with the extra work". Pat arrived back to the post office without much hassle. He walked in to see Miss Goggins behind the counter. And on the counter is a big parcel. It was an odd looking parcel. It was oddly shaped and it had dull grey paper covering it. It also had some weird writing on it that was barely readable. "I wonder what it is?" Pat said as he picked it up to get a good look at it. "I have no idea" Miss Goggins said "but there are strict instructions that it has to be delivered to the address as soon as possible". "How can I deliver it if I can't read the address?!" Pat said "I mean it looks like someone had written it in a hurry". He took a closer look. As he did so, he could have sworn that he heard a breathing noise coming from inside it. But it must have been his imagination. With some luck, Pat managed to work out what the address was. It was to a place just a few miles outside of Greendale. It was outside of Pat's area but he could do with the extra money. So he put the parcel in his van and, after putting the address into his SatNav, he was on his way. The journey took a bit longer than Pat thought. But he didn't mind. It was nice to travel outside Greendale. But as Pat drove along, he kept hearing that strange breathing noise. It wasn't loud but every now and then, he kept on hearing it. It was starting to make Pat nervous. But at last, he made it to his destination. But when he got out of his van, he was surprised. It was a vast empty field. There wasn't a house or a tree or anything to be seen for miles. Pat was annoyed. He had come all the way here for nothing! Someone must be playing a joke on him. In anger, he walked back to his van. As he opened the door, he heard the breathing noise again. This time there was no question about it. It was coming from the parcel. Pat took it out and began to undo the string. Then he began to slowly undo the paper and looked inside... A look of horror crossed Pat's face. Pat screamed and dropped the parcel. It hit the ground with a thud. And out of it rolled... a severed head!

Story is told by GaryMatrix3