Recap:"...""Go upstairs,Natalia""Yes,mom", saying that I went upstairs still giving Nate a mean look and feeling the usual uneasy feelings. I past Nate's room and went straight ahead of the room.I was Angry.No!I was Furious...beyond angry.I tried to calm down.And one of my reality escape was drawing.So I started to draw. *Time skips* Puff!!I didn't pay any attention to my drawing.I just draw what my mind show me and my hands sketch.It was like my mind was showing me something but I can't put my hands on it.I was looking at it..but at the same time I can't see anything. However finally I look at a my sketch book tired.I was totally surprise was a statement.I draw a girl standing alone in the dark begging someone to help her.But no one was there except the lone girl.I can picture myself as the girl. But it wasn't the only thing that shook me surprised.The girl was holding a tape recorder.A bloody Broken tape recorder.It was a still sketch,..but I can see the whole story playing in it. A girl trapped in darkness.. begging someone to help her with a broken tape recorder in her hand.But alas!No was there to help her. I suddenly feel nauseous seeing the sketch.So I closed my sketch book and finally notice my room.The room was a little bit smaller than my previous room.The walls were faded shade of pink.The celling including.This room started to give me creep as if it has witness many history here. There was a big window at the West corner of the room which failed to have my attention earlier.I went near it and opened the curtains.It was evening time.The sun was setting.The view gave me a restless as well as a peaceful calm feeling.And yet there was a strong storm going inside of my mind.

Story is told by Fabliha_kabir


Inti, thank you so much for I didn't get you know our first language is not I am having problems with it..and I think I will edit the whole story with some expert after I finished it(By the will of almighty).Thx again friend.??


The story and narrative style both are amazing! The plot is getting better and more intriguing as we read. And also it's details is getting better. Keep it up! But please re-read the whole thing at least once. I think you could correct your mistakes by yourself then. It's just a friendly suggestion I don't mean to offend you.


Thank you so much means a lot.


Nice story