We all know the story of Teke Teke do we all? Well here is the urban legend. Teke Teke It all started at a railroad. There was a young lady walking over the railroad. But... As she walked over it her leg got stuck. She was struggling to pull it out. The next thing she knew. Was a train coming. She tried and tried but until then it was over... She was dead and cut in half. 1980 A girl who was a student at a school wanted to use the restroom. As she went washing her hands. She saw a lady. And she asked. "Where are my legs?" The girl left with no answer ignoring the ghost. But as she took one step out (STABBING NOISES) she was stabbed by the one and only... TEKE TEKE Ok I made this up but there is a story of Teke Teke but I don't know how it goes so yeah... I would struggle, Be afraid, and die also if I were her OwO

Story is told by delagarzaaliyana@gmail.comcom