I remember my mom wanted to get family pictures taken. I honestly hate having pictures taken of me. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure you get it. We were on our way to the mall to go get the photos taken by professional photographers. It was about a 30 minute drive. It felt like it took forever to find the picture place. My stomach was upside down, probably because I didn't eat breakfast. When we arrived, it took some time to get a free room to have our pictures taken. The photographers had us use props and pose, and not gonna lie, they all looked stupid. My mom picked out a picture and framed it so we could put it on the wall. I remember the photographer and he looked kind of creepy. I think he had a kid there, too, and while we were waiting for mom to pick out a frame for our picture, I started up some small talk with the kid. He was younger than me, about 6 years old. He was kind of quiet which creeped me out, but I got over it. When we left, it was dark out. We got in the car and began to drive home. I remember falling asleep in the car, and having this weird dream of the photographer we had take pictures of us. My heart started beating and I woke up pretty sweaty. Luckily, I woke up when we got home. ... ... ... I opened the door to my room and sat down on my bed, grabbing my phone. As I turned it on, the brightness hurt my eyes. But I looked at the wall and saw something behind me. I turned, and nothing was there. Probably paranoia.. I layed down and turned my lights off, and fell asleep. ... I remember my head hurting.. And I woke up in a chair. For some reason, I could'nt stand. I think I saw the photographer and his kid.. I could'nt feel anything either.. The photographer takes out a pocket knife and puts it to my face. He slowly and securely started peeling at the skin. The worst part was.. I saw the faces of my family members.

Story is told by iceb

Hunter Angel SPN

Bossy , the photographer was a serial killer who took the faces off of his victims. He found his victims through his business as a "professional photographer". The kid was probably quiet cause his father was crazy.


I didn't understand Plz explain