After kyle counts all of his victims. He knew zach will be next. Kyle talks to david. Kyle: Dude have you heard about Laura's death. David: Yes, her death was unfortunate though. Kyle: I feel bad for danielle David: I didn't know that the karma we gave her was really that bad. Kyle: I know Afternoon, 5:12 p.m.: Kyle comes across Quinn instead zach. So instead he takes Quinn for a ride to go to the abandoned flower park. Quinn walks with kyle. Kyle gets an idea. Kyle: Quinn I got an idea! Quinn: What is it? Kyle: How about we plant a flower about 6 feet below. Just for our studies. And we will test out if it can come out as a flower from the ground. Quinn: Good idea! Kyle grabs the shovel Quinn walks to the place where they should plant the flowers in six feet. After kyle was done digging. Quinn helps kyle up. Kyle: Quinn do you think that's 6 feet down? Quinn: Lemme check. Quinn: It is six feet. Kyle knocks out Quinn with a shovel. He didn't hit her that hard but it was hard enough to make her knocked out. Kyle finds some wood, nails, screws, a screwdriver, and a hammer. He builds a coffin for Quinn. He puts Quinn inside. He buried Quinn in her grave. Quinn wake up and found out she is chained. Quinn screams and yells. She punches the wood but her knuckles would start bleeding. Quinn screams but nobody could hear her. And now Quinn is there to suffer until death. The next day: Teacher: Hello class. We have a student that went missing yesterday was Quinn. And now turn your pages to 562 where we learn... Kyle acts sad David was surprised and feeling bad at the same time, so was the other boys too. Danielle and Zach felt so sad that they lost another friend. Kyle what he felt in the inside was happiness, and the outside he felt sad and shocked. Danielle talks to zach about fearing that he could possibly be next. Kyle slips in a note to meet in the school rooftop about what his dad feels and what's going on his job. Zach comes in prepared for just incase if he is going to be murdered he will fight. But kyle did know that zach doesn't know if he makes the wrong choices or he makes the right choice. Kyle: Oh hey Zach! Zach: Hi Kyle! Zach: So you want to talk about what's going on about my dad and what's going on his job. Kyle: Yes. Zach: Ok! Kyle: Ok I did research on your father and what's going on with his job. I found out that your father's money is converted to Danielle's father. He was the one that bought danielle a lot of purses, clothes, and other things. Because you know how she shows it off? Zach: Yeah. Kyle: Well he is using the money that was.from your dad. Zach: I think that danielle needs to learn a lesson. Afternoon, 6:18: Danielle: Where am I?! Zach: Your in a place to learn a lesson. Kyle: Here Kyle gives the baseball bat to zach. Zach: Why do you think the clothes, money, and other thigns matter more than you can expect?! Danielle: Because I want those and my dad is the best. Kyle stands right by the door and closes the door in the room. Zach: THIS WHAT YIU DESERVE!!! Zach hits danielle on the head more and more with the baseball bat Then he hits her on the throat. And dies. When zach tried to find kyle but he is was gone. Zach: Kyle?! Then he realizes what he had done. Then he heard police sirens and police lights. He saw the police outside and coming in. Police man: PUT YOUR HANDS UP WHERE I CAN SEE THEM! Kyle was asked many questions. After the case was solved and zach was sent to jail. Kyle felt happiness about what he did felt right to him. The End...or is it not the ending at all...?

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