Kyle wakes up early in the morning in 5:00 a.m., he takes a shower. Brushes his teeth, combs his hair, and puts on nice clothes but not fancy though. Kyle goes into his phone he checks what time it is. It's 5:37 in the morning. Kyle wakes up his little sister aka Willow. Willow gets ready early. After his sister is ready, their mom wakes up and is supposed they are ready because she usually gets ready first. Mom: Wow willow and kyle. I'm impressed, I guess you both are ready for school since I am ready. Mom makes lunch for willow while she watches spongebob squarepants. Kyle texts the boys. Kyle: Morning guys! David: Morning. Xavier: Morning boys. Jeremy: Hello. Kyle: Guys you know it's 6:15 in the morning. I'm gon a head over there. David: Good thinking Xavier: Ok because my sisters made themselves lunch and it's frijoles! Jeremy: Tasty. Kyle: I'll be there in no time. Xavier: Ok I'm gonna tell girls that your coming. Kyle: Ok thanks bro Xavier: No problemo. Kyle turns off his phone. Kyle: Mom. Mom: Yes kyle? Kyle: I'm taking Willow to school early. Mom: Ok but make sure she is ready. Kyle: Willow is ready. Mom: Ok give her lunch in the car and make sure you drop her off. Kyle: Alright. Kyle takes willow to the car. After dropping willow off, kyle heads to Xavier in a short period of time. Kyle: Xavier! Xavier: Kyle! They both hug each other in excitement, he takes him to his sisters about the do's and don'ts about with a girl when going out. Xavier helps him with a guy should never ask to a girl when going out also. Kyle drives Xavier to the highschool and park. They both walk to the entrance. Kyle remembered he brought a love card with him. Kyle sneaks to Danielle's locker, kyle gets the card, he slips it in the locker and walks away. After school Danielle comes to the back of school. Danielle: Well your card said meet me at the back of school, so kyle what's in for me? Kyle: Oh danielle, may I have the opportunity to go out with me? Danielle: It was a pleasure but I was dared to pretend that I loved you but I don't. I already have interests in someone else. Kyle hides of what he feels. Kyle acts innocent. Kyle: Oh I'm very sorry. My apologies. Danielle: It's fine but it thanks for bringing me here for wasting my fricking time, you freak. Kyle: Oh it's fine. Kyle acts confused at the outside, but the on the inside he feels broken hearted. He never knew danielle was that rude. After danielle left kyle was crying on the inside and mad. Kyle pulls out his phone. Kyle: Hey boys David: Did she accepted it?! Xavier: Yeah did she?! Jeremy: I can't wait for the news! Kyle: Well...she rejected me and said thanks for wasting my fricking time you freak. Like what the heck! Jeremy: I feel bad for you bro. Xavier: Ouch! Don't worry you'll find someone else. You know there are a lot of fish in the sea. David: My God bro that rude bast***! Don't worry karma will get her back. Kyle gets an idea that he has never figured about before. Kyle: Yeah karma wi get her back! Kyle turns off his phone. And drives back to his house. Then he comes across to Laura, one of danielle's friend. Kyle: Hello Laura! Laura: Oh hey! Kyle: Can I drive you home? Laura: Sure Laura blushes. She gets into Kyle's car. When. Kyle: Were here! Laura: Wait this place isn't my home Kyle: Well come on follow me. Laura follows kyle. Kyle locks the door to an old house. Laura: Kyle.... What are you doing...? Kyle: Well you know danielle rejected me and I just want to say....WHY?! Laura: I don't know! Ok! Kyle finds gloves he puts them in and grabs Laura's neck and strangles her to death. Laura was pronounced dead the next day. When the teacher said she had passed away. Danielle: Why would someone kill her?! Zach: I don't know but whoever did it is a horrible person. Riley: Yeah zach is right. Danielle: Her death was unfortunate. Quinn: True. Kyle counts Danielle's friends and including her. Kyle had 4 victims to catch.

Story is told by Ava loves stories