A boy Kyle gets lied a lot way too much but he is smart teen, he has a crush Danielle. He also reads books in the library just to learn faster and get intelligent. After school: Kyle: Hey Sam Sam: Oh hey! What's up bro. Kyle: Nothing much man what's going up with you? Sam: Oh nothing just homework. Can you help me with it so I can pass the test tommorow? Kyle: I don't mind helping you. Sam: Thank you so much! I appreciate it. Kyle helps sam with his homework and taught him some tricks of how to get the answers. Then Kyle heads to a store. Hamilton: Hey Kyle! Kyle: Hi hamilton! Hamilton: How was school? Kyle: Not that great... Hamilton: Lies again? Kyle: Yeah. Hamilton: I would try to convince them to stop. Kyle: I try to convince them but the won't listen. Hamilton: Well try to get some help like get some friends to help you. Ok? Kyle: Ok. Kyle buys some Water and lettuce. Hamilton: 9.56$ Kyle uses his debt card, he types his pin number. Hamilton: Here ya go Hamilton puts the food and the water bottle in the plastic bag. Hamilton: Do you want the receipt? Kyle: No it's fine. Kyle drives his car back to his mom's house. Mom: How was school? Kyle: It was great! Kyle lied to his mom everyday that he has a great day as always. Kyle does his homework. His phone vibrated. He checked the text. It was his friends! David, Xavier, and Jeremy. In the group chat: David: Hey bro Kyle: Yes? Jeremy: Your not gonna believe this! Kyle: What is it? Xavier: People said Danielle likes you! Kyle: Are you serious? Jeremy: Yes! Xavier: We are being serious bro! David: Kyle why don't you ask her out? Kyle: Yes I should! Xavier: Starting tomorrow my sisters are gonna help you what girls actually like and also don't worry we got your back too bro. Kyle: Thank you Xavier! Kyle: Guys it's getting late. Let's head to bed early. Xavier: Agree. David: I guess Kyle is right! Jeremy: Agree! Kyle turns off his phone and goes to bed.

Story is told by Ava loves stories