Hey my names, josh and me and my family are gonna go ,on a trip for summer. So we found this cabin, in the country and decided to, go there for a few weeks. Me my ,wife three ,kids and my dog lucky where all going the kids where really excited. So today's the day ,we started to head there and when we got there it was really different then the picture online. But we didnt think anything of it so we unpacked and by the time we where done it was around midnight the kids fell asleep. There was a shed that we got told not to go into but about maybe around 2:30am I woke up to a sound coming from the shed when I went out to look there was blood coming out of it. My wife came out and opened it while I went to call the cops I heard my wife scream so I ran outside but when I got there she wasn't there so I opened the shed. When I opened it my wife was knocked out and with a knife to her through by a clown then I got grabbed and tied up. It was a few minutes later when my wife woke up. The clown slit her neck and she sadly passed away before the clown could do the same to me the cops came. The cops unmasked him and it turned out to be her ex husband jack and he got arrested and me and my kids cried. Thats the end... Made by :Alex anyways guy in a little me and my friend ash are gonna make a book together hope you guys in joyed the book.

Story is told by Alex


Bossy , thanks


Mistakes r there....... But it was good ?